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OnWorks Ubuntu 22 online, our Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for you. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS brings more of everything you love about Ubuntu Desktop. More features and customisation options, more performance and power efficiency and more ways to integrate with your existing enterprise management tools.







Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, released on August 10, 2023, is another good step in the evolution of this popular Linux distribution.

The list of new features in Ubuntu online, version 22, are the following:

1. While Ubuntu 22.04 includes the bulk of the recent GNOME 42 it doesn’t include apps that have been ported to GTK4/libadwaita. Ubuntu 22.04 does include the latest GNOME Shell desktop, its new screenshot tool, and the latest version of the Nautilus file manager, which gains a scrollable path bar, and the ability to create and extract password protected .zip files.. The desktop environment in Ubuntu 22.04.3 has received significant attention this time. This release offers several desktop fixes related to the GNOME desktop, GTK4, Update Notifier, Yaru theme, and software-properties source packages. This results in a more attractive and user-friendly interface.

2. A brand new screenshot UI is included, which can be accessed at any time by pressing the prnt scrn button (or launching the screenshot action from the app launcher). The tool can now take screen recordings as well as screen captures.

3. It has provided its users the ability to customize the dock by changing the size of its icons, position and configuring dock behavior. You can customize your dock by going into appearance options in the settings of your Ubuntu.

4. You can now change your desktop wallpapers and this time dark wallpapers are added to make your experience with Ubuntu overwhelming. To change your background, go to the Background option in the Settings menu of your Ubuntu

5. Ubuntu has provided display settings for the external displays if you have connected one with it. To adjust the setting go to the Multitasking menu in the Settings of your Ubuntu.

6. It provides an access to the activity menu from the top left corner and this option can be activated by going to the Multitasking option in the Settings menu. Also you divide your screen into two parts in this way so you can work on two applications simultaneously..

7. Ubuntu 22.04 has a revamped screenshot tool that also includes the screencast (video recording of desktop) option. The new UI lets you take the screenshot of the selected area, entire screen or current application window. The screenshots are copied to clipboard and saved to the Screenshots folder under Pictures directory.

8. No need to use GNOME Tweaks tool to access these settings the new 22.04 LTS version. The new multitasking settings allows you to enable hot corners. With that, when you move the cursor to the top left corner, it brings the activities area. Otherwise, you have to go to the left corner and click the Activities option.

9. It switches to the Wayland display server by default once again. However, it will be limited to systems without Nvidia graphics cards at the time of release due to some known issues.

10. Another change is about the position of the new desktop icons. By default, it is now in the bottom right corner. If you create new folders or documents, it gets created at the position you had selected. But when you arrange the icons, they get placed in the bottom right. Or you can change their position to top right, bottom left, or top left.

11. Software Center is slightly modified. The icons are bigger, licensing information is gone and Snaps still get the priority over the DEB version.

12. Firefox will now be included as a Snap package by default. While you can install the deb package by downloading it separately, Ubuntu recommends Snap. This is an effort by Canonical and Mozilla to simplify the maintenance of Firefox across distributions, enhance security, and facilitate faster security updates.

13. Ubuntu 22.04 ships with the latest toolchains, including Python, Rust, Ruby, Go, PHP and Perl as well as new frameworks like OpenCV, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Kubeflow and kernel 5.15.0-46. With regards to vulnerability patches, one of the biggest is the Retbleed Spectre mitigation for older CPUs (both AMD and Intel).

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