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OnWorks Fedora 38 workstation online. Fedora Linux 38 is a significant update that introduces a number of new features and enhancements to the operating system. You can expect updated applications, refreshed desktop environments including a step up to GNOME 44, and two new desktop environment options. One of these is Budgie, and the other is a tiling window manager called Sway. Fedora isn't a Linux distribution for those who want to live on the cutting edge. It's a distribution for those who need reliability, and expect their computer and applications to work every time they turn it on.







As you can see in this OnWorks Fedora 38 workstation online its most important features are:

1. Fedora Workstation 38 features the newest version of the GNOME desktop environment. GNOME 44 features subtle tweaks and revamps all throughout, most notably in the Quick Settings menu and the Settings app.

2. Most of the GNOME applications are built on GTK 4.10. This introduces a revamped file chooser with an icon view and image previews.

3. For GNOME 44 There have been a number of improvements to the Quick Settings menu. The new version includes a new Bluetooth menu, which introduces the ability to quickly connect and disconnect known Bluetooth devices.

4. While Fedora 37 already included partial support for Flathub, it was a filtered list. With Fedora 38, that will no longer be the case. You can access the entire Flathub library and install open-source and proprietary options as required.

5. Fedora 38 will debut with Linux Kernel 6.2. With this kernel release, you can expect full Intel Arc graphics support, an enhancement for the Nvidia Nouveau driver, and more.

6. Sway is a window manager, as an alternative to i3, with good Wayland support. You can expect a minimal experience with a few tweaks to the default configuration with the official Sway spin.

7. The inspiration for the default wallpaper in Fedora 38 is Samuel Massie, a chemist who studied a variety of chemicals that contributed to the development of therapeutic drugs.

8. Software Versions
As expected, many of the bundled software packages have been updated. Here are the versions of some of the major applications.
Kernel: 6.2.8-300.fc38.x86_64
LibreOffice: (X86_64)
Boxes: 44.0-stable
GCC: 13.0
binutils: 2.39
glibc: 2.37
GNU Debugger: 12.1
GNU Make: 4.4
Golang: 1.2
Ruby: 3.2
PHP: 8.2

9. Fedora’s third-party repositories feature makes it easy to enable a selection of additional software repos. Previous versions included a filtered version of Flathub, which included a small number of apps. For Fedora 38, filtering of Flathub content no longer occurs. This means that the third party repos now provide full access to all of Flathub. The third party repos must still be manually enabled, and individual repositories may be disabled from the GNOME Software settings. If you want to keep proprietary apps from showing up in your search results, you can also do that in GNOME Software’s preferences menu.

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